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Celtic Chaos CD cover Failte has produced two CDs.

The first, Celtic Chaos, is no longer available. It sold out within six months of its release in the spring of 1994. It contained 12 tracks of traditional music arranged by the members of the band. Paul Stouffer on keyboards, Sam Mitchell on flute and Sean O'Seasnain reciting the narration on MacPherson's Lament were the special guests on this recording. Cambridge artist, Gerald Porter, created the Celtic knotwork for the cover.

Hurricane CD cover The second CD, Hurricane, was released March 17, 1997. It was well received by Failte fans and copies are currently available through this web page. You can also purchase copies at Failte performances. There are 16 tracks of traditional music on this recording, including three original instrumental pieces. The recording was done in Kitchener by ChrisVargas at his studio. Order the Hurricane CD for $15.00 CDN (tax included).


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